Saturday, April 2, 2016

Springfield Area's Full Service Flat Fee Discount Real Estate Broker $1995.00 or Less!

Springfield Area's Full Service Flat Fee Discount Real Estate Broker for $1995.00!

San Diego Flat Fee MLS Broker If you are considering selling your house in the Springfield Missouri area and do not want to pay the “traditional” real estate company 6% or more of your homes sales price, you may want to contact Dave Sekunda at Housekey Real Estate LLC 417-849-6595, for a flat fee of $1995.00 and a co-broker selling side fee of 3% we are Springfield's only Full Service Flat Fee discount brokerage, we may be the least expensive brokerage in southwest Missouri for many sellers. There are thousands of homes for sale throughout southwest Missouri every month, many homeowners are starting to use real estate agents that offer discount realty fees. There  are only a couple of brokers that will list your home for sale for less than the traditional 6%, and no others that will offer a flat fee. We offer the same full service that one would get from a traditional real estate broker. Things like home marketing, showing the home to prospective home buyers and negotiating offers with buyers and buyers agent with other company's are always included in our fees.
Take a look at our video for more information and give us a call when you are ready to sell or just want more information. 417-319-7283 or just visit 

Discount Flat Fee Real Estate for Southwest Missouri